Time for a Big Update : Boss takedown!

It is time to take down the bosses!
Hello there, sorry for haven’t updated the blog that much. Since the beginning of the Early-access of Hacktag on July the 1st, we have been busy on delivering the weekly levels updates while showcasing the game at many events. But here, we have a perfect occasion to get back to good habits thanks to this good news: we are releasing today an important update for Hacktag called Boss Takedown.  And here is a little overview of its content.

 A new type of mission: Boss takedown:

In this new mode, both players must infiltrate the offices of the corporations to hack the boss’ computer. However, the machine is protected by a password and each player must discover half of it unless they decide to save time and head directly to the protected computer without the password… at their own risks! This new mission type is available for the 24 existing maps, just look for the new “crown” icon on the mission selection lobby.

New co-op mini-games:

You thought sneaking into the corporations was stressful already? Well, I have news for you guys, the corporations have increased their security. Effective immediately, each alarm you trigger and protected doors you open will be deactivated with different co-op games. And you’ll never know which one you’ll get of course! 😉

 Booby-trapped rooms:

For this new feature, I’ll keep it short. As they say, a gif is worth a thousand words:


New player characters

If you follow Hacktag on Twitter (and if you don’t you really should!), you may have seen some sneak peaks of these new fellow hackers along with the concept arts, but hold and behold, they are finally alive! You now have the option to play with Cats, Raccoons, Rabbits, Deer and Hyenas. They come with 2 new customizable outfits.

Here is the Boss takedown patch note:

2017-10-24 Changelist v0.11- Early Access
New Gameplay features:
  • New mission type “Boss takedown” available for the 24 levels.
  • 6 new playable characters (rabbits, hyenas, male deer and female raccoon)
  • 2 new co-op mini-games (for alarms, protected-doors).
  • 2 new co-op mini-games on the boss computer depending on the mission type.
  • New gameplay situation: the room may be booby-trapped with lasers.
  • New main menu 3D scenes with all the characters.
  • New NPC for the mentor character (in the tutorial).
  • Better Hacker interface: new feedbacks and graphics upgrades (virtual color for furniture).
  • Many level-design balancing and fixes.
  • Better feedback on firewalls (scale of the icon is changing when it is opened).
A lot of online issues have been fixed, global stability and connectivity is improved.
Many bugs after switching roles online are fixed (some are remaining, see known bugs category).
  • Online scores between the two players are now synced.
  • Doors stayed red for the agent after being hacked.
  • Smoke bomb skills behavior can no longer set your partner free.
  • The music is not associated with the correct corporation.
  • Inverted text bubbles with PS4 controller.
  • Gamepad issues with 2 xboxone controllers and Bluetooth.
 Known bugs :

Stay tuned!

 And don’t fool yourself into thinking we are done with you just yet. Even after such a plump update, we still have some tricks up our sleeves! It might just be we have a few spooky surprises coming your way pretty soon! Stay tuned!
Laterz’ hackers