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Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op stealth-game with unique asymmetric gameplay. Now on steam!


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Piece of Cake studios was founded in October 2015 by 3 associates including more than 10 years veterans in the gaming industry.

Co-op gameplay

We never find enough exciting co-op game to play with our buddies... do you? That's why we decided to make our own. Our first one? Hacktag, a 2 player co-op stealth game with one agent and one hacker.

Press Relation

You are an indie game developer and you made a cool co-op game? We can help you to spread the love about it! Fore more infos contact us at: pr[at]pieceofcake-studios.com

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What our clients say

“A unique and engaging take on co-op play” 7/10 :flag_gb: Read

“Hacktag offers entertainment in its purest form ” 7,5/10 :flag_ea: – Read

“Simply the ideal co-op game” 8/10 :flag_sk: – Read

“A unique spin on co-op games” 8/10 :flag_um:Read

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We are hiring!

Piece of Cake studios is looking for new talents! You want to be part of our dev team and play it co-op? Fluent in french & good in english? Join […]

Hacktag at Paris Games Week 2019

Hacktag is back at Paris Games Week for the 2019 edition! Come and meet the entire team of Piece of Cake studios from Oct 30 to Nov 3. We have […]

Press release: Hacktag dons its winter fur!

Press release: Hacktag dons its winter fur! The Winter Hacking update is set to release on the 21th of December. Paris, France – December, the 13th 2017 – Hacktag the 2 players […]

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