Piece of cake Studios
157 Boulevard Macdonald
75019 Paris, France

Founding date:
October 2015

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Address (headquarters):
52 Rue Pierre Fontaine
75009, Paris

+33 (0)9 67 28 62 42



 Piece of Cake Studios is a French video game studio founded by 2 experimented professionals (from Ankama Studios, Eden Games, Eugen Systems among others...).

 We're focusing on cooperative gameplay with our Piece of Cake studios label and fantasy strategy/management games with our Piece of Cake Fabulous label.

Our story

Marine Freland and Xavier Lemaitre both met in 2006 in Eden Games Studios where they worked together on majors AAA games. Besides realizing they'll make the cutest couple, they also thought they have what it takes to create and manage a video game studio in France. No pressure.

After a 10 years experience in studios such as Eden Games or Ankama Games (Alone in the Dark, Test Drive, Wakfus les Gardiens...) they finally create in 2015 "Piece of Cake Studios".

Hacktag (2018)

Our first project Hacktag is a unique infiltration and anticipation two players cooperative games on both PC. The player and his partner perform missions as the on-field stealth agent or the hacker assisting him from his computers. The asymmetrical gameplay and the procedural generation levels are designed to make feel the players in a unique heist and spy film genre adventure. Thanks to a personalised screenplay structure each player will live and share a unique scenario with his own secondary characters and personal climaxes.

Twitter (Hacktag)                                           Facebook (hacktag)
twitter.com/HacktagTheGame                           facebook.com/HacktagTheGame

Some Media :





Awards :
"Best Hardcore game nominee" - Game development Award America, San Francisco, Mars 2017
"Indie Prize , official selection" - Casual Connect, Berlin, février 2017
"Winner of the Audience choice award" - Indiecade Europe, Paris, November 19th, 2016
"ID 16 Bronze - catégorie transformation sociétale - ID16 Céremonie, Paris, July 6th, 2016
"Winner of the < A game to Play > award " - Lyon, March 26th, 2016
"Winner of the Imaginove GMC Games Award." - Lyon, June 8th, 2015

Selected Articles :
 "I was extremly surprised […] I played Hacktag for 15 minutes and I had a lot of fun".  – Gamekult.com
 "Hacktag has a consistency and a certain visual originality with a gameplay that works well. All this is very promising".  – Factornews.com
"Hacktag will quickly become fun when finished" IndieMag.fr
"Hacktag is a very promising title that I look forward to try GameGuide.fr
"Enfin, l'ID Bronze revient à Hacktag de Piece of Cake studios Clubic.com
"Marine and Xavier impressed the jury with their coop infiltration game Tuba Lyon


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POC_logo_vertical_ombre POC_Hacktag

There are far more images available for Piece of cake Studios, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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