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Press release : Hacktag Brings the Co-op Fun Back Stealthing Today to Steam Early Access!

The Highly anticipated co-op infiltration game from Piece of Cake Studios is now available! Paris, France – June  1st, 20 17 – The independent videogame developer Piece of Cake Studios […]

Hacktag Steam Early Access starts tomorrow: our Roadmap.

That’s it! Hacktag Early Access on Steam after 17 months of development. When we created Piece of Cake studios and decided to dedicated ourselves to make co-op games it was […]

PRESSE RELEASE : Piece of Cake Studios Launches Co-op Infiltration Stealth Game “Hacktag” Open Beta Today.

Cooperative stealth game Hacktag cracks the code and let gamers play as a hacker or field agent through its open beta before hitting Steam Early Access on June 1st Paris, […]

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Piece of Cake Studios is a newly created French videogame studio dedicated to co-operative gameplay, The studio is founded by 3 experienced professionals who combined 25 years experience in video games (from Ankama Studios, Eden Games, Eugen Systems among others...)

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