Hacktag has just been Greenlit!

Good news folks!

Hacktag has been greenlit a week after the launch of the greenlight page.
It was our first Greenlight page ever launched, and we created it in 2 days inbetween GDC and PAX East (yup! it was a pretty busy week….).

harvard_cafe greenlight-harvard_cafe
Behind the scenes : we clicked on the “Publish” button from a café in Cambridge right in front of Harvard.

As we are almost close to the end of the development, we were able to show a lot of gameplay features and contents in Hacktag’s first trailer. We also added very cool gifs in the description to explain each key features of the game. The other great help we had came from the players we’ve met during PAX East.
We had very positive feedbacks all along the event and we encouraged people who liked the game to vote for the game (Some of them even get rewarded with cookies – you cannot called your studio Piece of Cake without bringing cake or cookies at conventions 😉 ).



We are very thankful to all our voters and the persons we met during GDC and PAX for their advices and support. Now that we’re greenlit, we are happy to finally start working on the integration with Steam. (even if it means more work…Yay !)