PRESS RELEASE : First trailer for « HACKTAG » the 2 player co-op stealth-game

Hacktag, the 2 player co-op stealth game with one field-agent and one Hacker has now a first public trailer for PAX East. The game is expected to be released this summer on PC/MAC, a Steam greenlight page has been launch this Wednesday March 8th.

About Hacktag

Hacktag is a 2 players co-op stealth-game with an asymmetric gameplay.
Play as the on-field stealth-agent sneaking into highly guarded offices, or as the hacker geeking is way into security systems to fulfil industrial espionage missions.

The whole Hacktag experience is designed to make the players feel like they are heroes of a spy or heist movie. And when the agent, chased by guards will yell at his hacker to quickly open this door whereas he is himself being tracked by antiviruses, nothing will go as expected!

Hacktag has already won several nominations and awards, including the IndieCade Europe Audience’s choice award 2016.

Key features :

  • Online and local multiplayer : play separately or share the same screen
  • Original 2 player co-op mechanics due to the asymmetrical gameplay.
  • Procedural mission generation: 3 different corporations, 3 type of missions.
  • Co-opetitive gameplay : your partner is also your best competitor!
  • Character customization and creation
  • Experience and unlockable skills
  • Online challenges, ranking and leaderboards.
  • Unique story for each player : experience Hacktag’s story with your own NPC

About Piece of Cake studios :
Piece of Cake studios is founded by French veterans of the videogame industry dedicated to make co-op games. The studio based in Paris is working on Hacktag since January 2016. Piece of Cake is attending PAX East in march 10-12th march, the game will be playable in the PAX Rising area and the team will be available for meetings.