Hacktag Steam Early Access starts tomorrow: our Roadmap.

That’s it! Hacktag Early Access on Steam after 17 months of development.

When we created Piece of Cake studios and decided to dedicated ourselves to make co-op games it was obvious that we wouldn’t finish Hacktag on our own, but with your help, as a team.
It is now time, after seventeen months of work, to include you in the development process with the beginning of the Steam Early Access of Hacktag on June 1st (that’s tomorrow, geez!).

This blog post is to introduce the roadmap and to show you what we have in mind for the coming months of Early Access. It presents the final goals we have set in terms of content for Hacktag. Of course, by sharing this roadmap with you, we welcome your comments and suggestions. In this perspective, we will also open in the near future a second board where you can submit your own suggestions and vote on the suggestions others have made.

Here are all the links you need to keep an eye on Hacktag and to get involved in the development process :

To sum-up, our priorities for the very short weeks of the early access are :

  1. Fixing bugs and improve game stability and optimisation.
  2. Add contents (new maps, new gameplay features and then give access to procedurally generated levels)
  3. Add to the game all the cool new ideas and mechanics you will propose to get the game even further!


Behind the screens :

  • Meet the team :Piece of Cake studios 05-31-17

( from left to right : Idrys Dogue, Marine Lemaitre, Teddy Delrue, Gaël Miot, Xavier Lemaitre, Laurine Vire, Antonio de Miguel Conde, Bérenger Dupré and a random stool on a table.)


  • Here is our good old post-it board at the studio.
    Hacktag post it board amazing right

You see the 1,2,3 columns ? Each post-it contains one of the feature card as seen in the roadmap. When all those post-its are on the « FINISHED » columns on the left, then we shall declare the Early Access over ! Yay!

  • And a sneak peek at our rather unhealthy nights right now :BeFunky Collage2

See you soon in Hacktag!